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The Lord's Kitchen Society

Feeding the Hungry Amongst Us.

The Lord’s Kitchen is celebrating 25 years of service.

As a non-profit, non-denominational charity the organization has strived over the last 25 years to feed people a hot meal every week.

However, the work done at the kitchen goes beyond food.

“Our purpose is to serve the poor and lonely. Being poor is not always about financial lack. The Lord’s Kitchen is about giving people a place to go, a place for fellowship, a place where we can serve them. Our guests never have to get their food, we bring it to them,” said Bill Russell, vice-president of The Lord’s Kitchen and chairman of the 25th anniversary committee.

“I remember one fellow in particular. He came in one day and we started talking. The next time he came in, I greeted him and called him by his first name. He looked up at me and I could see the impact it had on him just for remembering his name,” said Phil Kelly, president of the Lord’s Kitchen.

The organization has an army of volunteers doing various tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly. It takes about 15,000 volunteer hours to operate the kitchen, said Russell.

About five or six different menus are put together every week, from roast beef to spaghetti in a bid to mimic Sunday dinner, said Russell.

“Teams of volunteers have specific tasks. Some cook, some clean and some serve. We operate off of donations from the community,” he said.

– courtesy of The Timmins Daily Press

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